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Sodium or salt is the most important mineral needed by our body since every cell is moving around fluid which contains sodium and potassium.

Having salt is a very tricky subject.Eating excessive amount can have hazardous results as well as eating small quantities can also be dangerous.

A normal and a healthy person should consume from 500 mg/day to 25000mg/day and excessive salt is filtered and extracted away from the body through kidneys.

SAlt helps in maintaining fluid balance in the body.Helps in regulating blood pressure and carrying various nutrients to the blood.

It is essential for maintaining hcl in the stomache and removing mucous and sticky phelgm from the throat specially of aesthma patients.

Doctors advice to regulate and compensate the salt lost by sweating through water and salt mixed since lower quantities of salt in the body can cause :

  • muscle contractions
  • low blood pressure
  • increased risk of heart attack
  • sudden death
For the better development of baby in the pregnant ladies it is advised to them to take good amount of iodized salt as it provides health to the cells of the baby and aids in proper cell division.


  • Rubbing salt mixed with ghee applied on temples helps in curing headache
  • Putting salt water in nostrils helps in opening nasal blocks and curing headache.
  • Salt with mustard oil rubbed on gums helps make them strong and germ free.
  • Rubbing teeth with salt and turmeric once a week nourishes them.
  • During insect bite wash that area with cold water and then rub salt to cure it.
  • Taking salt applied on banana along with lemon juice helps in fighting stomache worms ,also eating black pepper ,salt and tomato slices does the same.
  • Applying salt and oil on hair helps treating dandruff.
  • In cough and cold massaging chest with oil and ginger oil helps removing phelgm from the chest.
  • During sore throat drinking lukewarm water added along with honey and salt cures pain and clears throat.
  • Taking bath with salt mixed in water keeps body free from bad odour.
  • Salt is a natural exfloitant and is great when applied on skin to remove dead cells.
  • Oil mixed with salt and lemon juice applied on crack heels helps cure them.
  • Ginger juice mixed with salt applied on face cures acne.
  • When burnt apply salt to avoid burnt sore on the skin.


It is always advisable to add salt in cooking at the last so the minerals found in salt are not list due to overcooking
Salt takes away moisture from food item so it advisable to put in potatoes or while boiling eggs so that it is easy to peel them.That is the reason it is also added in noodles so that they dont stick after boiling.

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