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Lemon is a citrus food which helps in healing skin from suntan when applied externally and bleaches skin and when consumed internally helps in bringing cooler effect to the body and maintaining the right temperature.

LEMOn JUICE when drank with warm water helps in digestion ,nausea,headache,killing worms in stomache,relieves from urinal infections,constipation ,heartburn .

Lemon has high content of vitamin C ,Citric acid which helps in scurvy,aesthma,nose bleeding,arthritis,gout,gums bleeding,cough,cold.

Lemon drank with warm water and honey also helps a lot in fighting obesity.

Lemon skin can also be grinded and put in your cooking.Lemon juice can also be consumed by adding it on the salads,curries,soups as the uncooked content of juice has more values.

For cooking of non-veg items lemon are used to preserve the fish or chicken in fridge and also marinates them .This helps in adding taste tothe food and also adding vit c content to the diet.

It also acts as an antiseptic that kills germs and bacterias.It kills infection from bactreias and is also applied on cuts and wounds.

It is a great antioxidant because when drank with water or as tea it takes the toxins out of the body and degreases the system.
Recipe for honey tea:Take tea leaves or basil leaves,warm water,and lemon juice .Boil water add leaves and honey.Allow to cool a bit and then add lemon juice and salt and drink that healthy liquid.

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