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Fishy Fish

Eating fish that is cooked is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids which help in improving eyesight in children,help in preventing occurence of cancers by 40%,prevents occurence of dementia in older people ,keeps heart healthy ,improves cardio strength,acts as an antidepressant,prevents asthma in children.Fish is a high protien low fat diet which is easy to cook and delicious.I will rather score it above all the other non-vegetarian food items since it is easy to digest and provides body with essential fatty acids which are not found in common diet.

Pregnant ladies consuming fish have fewer chances of delivering premature babies ,however it is advised that they should not consume king mackerel,tuna,sword fish,shark since such fishes can have great amount of mercury which can lead to nervous breakdown of the fetus or the consumer and

What to check when buying a fish?
This is one of the most important talent a fish buyer should have because a stale fish can be problem for the health rather than a blessing.
While buying a fish check that skin of the fish is clean and clear without any blemishes.
Also when you touch the flesh it should spring back and the tail of the fish should not be brown on edges or curled.The smell of the fish should be" fishy" not stale and pukish.Ask the vendor the catch day and get te fish cleaned infront of you if you require fillets.

Fish eating is also good for enhancing beauty as it is promotes clear skin and and healthy hair as it is great source of protein..

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