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Fibre Food

Fiber food is a GREAT FOOD for health as it is a carbohydrate which passes thru the digestive tract without breaking its nutrients and and hence takes time by the body to get digested giving a feeling of fullness hence fighting obesity and slow release of glucose in the body and bloodstream keeps the sugar of body also stable.

Since fiber is digested slowly in the colon by bacterias it secretes juices which is good for lining of colon preventing from colon cancer and liver.

It is found in

  • natural cereals
  • fruits
  • nuts
  • beans
  • whole bran breads

No fibre in
  • juices
  • cakes,puddings
  • biscuits
  • jams
  • croissants
  • white-bread
  • non-veg ,eggs

The best part of fiber food is that it helps in constipation,heart ailments,managing cholestrol and hypertension as it flushes all the toxins from the body.It actually acts as a broom inside the body which cleans all the entangled particles stored here and

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