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It is a magical plant with various healing properties.Cut,blisters and burn on the skin can be cured by applying aloe-vera.Not only this it is also used to halt the growth of cancer tumors.

It is best for treating arthiritis,aesthma,stomache ulcers,indigestion,intestinal infections,prostate problems,kidney and liver infections!!!


This plant acts as a purgative for lazy and weak people.The gel inside the plant is used locally for enhancing skin growth,stop baldness,cure blemishes and also for treatment of cough.

Growing Aloevera : It is a semi tropical plant and can be planted outdoors near your window or garden where it gets good sunlight.Proper water to be given since it containd 70% water.

When you have the plant at your doorstep it is very easy to use it directly.Pluck the leaf and slice it with a knife and you will see the gell coming out. You can directly apply on the affected area-wonder for wrinkles and pigmentation or can consume it with water or can use it in your cooking.

Recipe:Take aloevera either gel or juice mix in it 1 carrot , 2 slices of apple grind it put in a glass add lemon juice and enjoy!

Since it can trigger uterine contractions so it should not be taken by pregnant women.
It's latex consumed by children can cause stomache pain.

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