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Curd or yogurt as it is known is a great food for treating body out of ailments .It is prepared by churning milk and adding some acidic substance like vinegar or lemon juice.The water gets extracted and the milk settles.

Consuming Curd makes one rid of constipation,useful for those having vaginal infections,great for people with osteoporosis,increases immune system and thus keeps out of stomach infections.

Some people cannot digest milk due to asthma or allergy ,in that case curd is the best option.It has more vitamin B than milk,it purifies system and keeps body internally cool.
Since it has good calcium content eating curd strengthens bones,teeth ,helps maintaining cholesterol level.Not only this it is great for skin.Acts as bleaching agent .HAIR problem try out curd mixed with lemon juice to get rid of those flakes

It is a good snack for people aiming for weight loss as it is a filling food which can be consumed in the form of dips ,added while cooking which not only enhances taste but also makes food healthy.If eaten with rice curd helps treating dysentry and diarrhea.

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