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Ginger is one of the important ingredients used in medicines and household to treat various ailments like:
  • cold and flu
  • asthma
  • stimulates digestion and relieves stomache gas
  • treats infection of respiratory tracks.
  • anti -cancer agent
  • great mouth freshener
  • helps fight circulatory disorders
  • treats nausea caused during pregnancy or by traveling.
  • helps in arthritis.
  • Migraine relief
To cure all these problems ginger root is consumed in various ways.One can consume it either adding in cooking,or take its capsules,or preparing a solution by adding it in water or milk.


Take ginger and mash it either in mortar pestle or grinder or cut it in small pieces.Add one cup water in the saucer and boil the ginger.Add to it tea leaves (optional).Add honey and and lime juice and salt and drink your way a healthy and delicious drink making you feel fresh and strong and cure you against cold and cough.While drinking keep inhaling the steam from the drink as it will help in opening your clogged nasals.

This can be consumed twice a day.

Storing ginger!!!

Ginger can be stored by peeling its skin and wrapping in a plastic and keeping in refrigerator!It lasts for long and remains fresh.
The peeled skin can be used in cooking.

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