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Garlic -A wonder drug

It is actually a wonder drug cause of benefits it has in it to cure our ailments, and keep us disinfectant!

The cures of garlic runs hand in hand with ginger actually,I guess they are related cousins!!!

Best to fight hypertension cold,allergies,plague if eaten and best for acne if applied the juice on the skin.

Aged garlic has actually more of antioxidants!It is also a natural antibiotic.

Used for healing wounds,poor blood circulation, for a strong immune system,fights cancer.

Cooked garlic as such loses most of its nutrients so it is more useful to eat it raw .1 raw garlic sipped in water early morning is a great anti-allergic throughout the day and good for heart too!

For cough one can boil 3-4 cloves of garlic in water and let it settle for a day.Then drink it adding honey for taste.

For cold prepare tea by adding garlic and see the warmth.!

Few drops of garlic oil will relieve tooth and ear-ache.

Intake of garlic also depends on the weather.In summers the intake should be less as compared to winters.

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